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Lawn shoes by Conceptual Artist Karina Sharpe

Bringing novelty to visual communication

Be less boring this year.


Did you hear? I'm travelling the remote Australian outback between June and Sept/Oct 2018, so my studio is closed during that time. My product photography services, workshops and art prints will be available again when I get back.

I'll still be working in some capacity while I travel, especially in regard to image making and conceptual work that involves scenery and nature. So if you're interested in that side of what I do, and you want to capitalise on the fact that I'll be visiting some truly magical parts of Australia, please make sure you get in touch.


I believe in a beautiful world, full of beautiful souls. A notion that may conflict with today’s headlines, but one that drives me to deliver my utmost in every endeavour; and foster imagination, strength and integrity in my two children. I believe in strength of character, nature, intuition and love. I believe in a balance in life that allows for both fast and slow days, for curiosity, for failure and for finessing. I like to believe that each day brings me closer to myself.