Benchtop Photography

Photography of still objects and products is a big part of the work I do. Over the years I have developed a framework to teach others the process I use . I developed this teaching to enable designers and entrepreneurs to take ownership of their image making – especially while in the early stages of business when they need to work fluidly and economically. Over time, the classes have proven transformative for people of all industries including products; food; fashion; cosmetics; stationary; art and an array of crafts. At its core, my method is an image building process – each step is presented as a series of simple decisions which can be made with purpose. This dissolves the overwhelm and panic many people experience and opens up the much needed mind-space to work with intention.

I teach this framework each year in Benchtop Photography workshops and also offer it as tailored private sessions for independent brands and businesses.


My Benchtop Photography Workshop is a unique class teaching the fundamentals of image building through an understanding of the relationship between light, object geometry and composition. I teach these workshops every year across Australia using live demos and techniques that are independent-of-camera, and suitable to all skill levels.


This private training closely resembles my group Benchtop Photography Workshops in terms of content, with the added opportunity to work in a tailored fashion specific to the needs of the individual: their products; their needs; equipment and ability. It also allows for extended time in the areas most beneficial to moving forward. Additional elements can be added into private classes, including: manual DSLR camera use; designing a consistent visual brand; and post production methods. Private classes are organised on an individual basis.